Blake A Burkert. M.D., A.A.O.S.


  • Medical Education: Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA; 7/2010 – 5/2014; M.D., 05/2014
  • Undergraduate Education: Hendrix College, Conway, AR; Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Minor: Spanish; 08/2006 – 05/2010; B.A, 05/2010

Medical Practice:

  • Fellowship: Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA; Department of Orthopaedic Surgery; 8/1/2019 – 7/31/2020
  • Residency: University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, IL; Department of Orthopaedic Surgery; 6/2014 – 6/2019

Work Experience:

  • Hendrix College, Conway, AR: Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry Research and Laboratory Assistant For 1.5 years, I served as a laboratory assistant for Organic Chemistry I and II. I assisted students with the lab protocol and helped with any complications that arose. Additionally, I helped present the topic each week and led a classroom Q&A session prior to starting each laboratory experiment. I began research in the organic chemistry lab in Spring 2008 and spent the next 2.5yrs and two summers working on many projects. I worked on several chemical ecology projects that focused on the analysis of the urine and/or other hormonal secretions from elephants, maned wolves, and lemurs in order to identify pheromones used for communication. The project was initially developed to analyze the urine of elephants with the goal of identifying the compounds that are known to be used to mark territory and keep other elephants away. This was important because we were trying to isolate those chemicals and use them to help farmers in Southeast Asia keep elephants from destroying their crops and thus help address the human-elephant conflict. The project was expanded to better understand the chemical communication mechanisms of other animals. Additionally, I spent significant time developing new green chemistry approaches to experiments routinely conducted in undergraduate organic chemistry labs.

Membership & Professional Societies

  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • American College of Physicians
  • NASS
  • ACLS
  • BLS
  • ABOS Part I – Board certified


  • NorthShore Service Values Award: Awarded to an employee who exceeds NorthShore University HealthSystem’s Service Values expectations and contributes to an Cedars-Sinai – Orthopaedic Surgery Burkert, Blake – Curriculum Vitae exceptional care experience that supports NorthShore’s mission through focus on empathy, communication, compassion, and initiative.
  • Musculoskeletal oncology competition: 1st place (2015) and 2nd place (2016). On a weekly basis for 8 weeks, residents review three unknown pathology slides and submit their diagnoses.

Leadership Roles:

  • Graduate Medical Education Committee: I helped establish institutional policies regarding residencies and fellowships and worked with the individual residency/fellowship programs to coordinate the overall experience and ensure that individual programs and institution maintained compliance with ACGME accreditation standards.
  • SPINE reviewer: I currently review articles submitted to the journal and provide feedback regarding revisions and whether or not the work should be published.
  • NASS Committee of International Education and Radiology: I have applied to serve on the committees for international education and radiology. I am currently working to become more involved by volunteering with these committees in the meantime.


  • T. E. Goodwin, N. Songsasen, L. J. Broederdorf, B. A. Burkert, C. J. Chen, S.R. Jackson, B. Keplinger, M. E. Rountree, Z. J. Waldrip, M. E. Weddell, L. P. Desrochers, W. K. Baker Jr and J. P. F. G. Helsper. “Hemiterpenoids and Pyrazines in the Odoriferous Urine of the Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus),”, Chapter 13 in Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 13, 2013 M. I. East and M. Dehnhard, Eds., Springer Press, NY, pp 171-184. Dordrecht: Springer New York.
  • Goodwin, T.E., Broederdorf, L.J., Burkert, B.A., Hirwa, H.H., Mark, D.B., Waldrip, Z.J., Kopper, R.A., Sutherland, M.V. , Freeman, E.W., Hollister-Smith, J.A., and Schulte, B.A. 2012. Chemical signals of elephant musth: Temporal aspects of microbially-mediated modifications. J. Chem. Ecol. 38:81-87. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 22246519. Pub Status: Published.
  • delBarco-Trillo, J., Burkert, B. A., Goodwin, T. E., & Drea, C. M. 2011. Night and day: the comparative study of strepsirrhine primates reveals socioecological and phylogenetic patterns in olfactory signals. J. Evol. Biol. 24:82-98. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 21091564. Pub Status: Published.

Current Projects:

  • Burkert, BA., Perrone, M., Bailes, J. and Mikhael, M. Intradural invasion of a cervical synovial cyst. Case report. Journal of Neurosurgery. Submitted on 1/2020
  • Burkert, BA., Mosenthal, W., and Puri, L. Applications of pharmacogenomics in orthopaedic surgery. IRB Approved: N/A. 5/2017 (project start date)
  • Leung, P., Burkert, BA., Martell,J., Puri, L., and Kudrna, J. Effect of joint reactive forces on metallosis in metal-on-metal hip implants. IRB Approved: N/A. 11/14/2016 (project start date).
  • Lee, MJ and Burkert, BA. Comprehensive review of the utility of spinal fusion in isolated axial back pain in DDD without other pathology. IRB approved: N/A. 9/14/2015 (date completed) Unpublished.
  • Saadat, E. and Burkert, BA. Evaluating the rates of HO in cervical ADR patients who have different levels of arthritis. IRB approved: Yes. 1/2020. Unpublished.

Quality Improvement Projects:

  • Multidisciplinary Hip Fracture Care Program: I assisted with the review of hip fracture volume data and existing evidence-based order sets relevant to the postoperative phase in order to (1) develop a current process map and standardized order sets; (2) identify the key postoperative steps for hip fracture patients and potential problems/barriers, (3) and propose changes to existing process steps and develop new opportunities in order to develop an improved pathway throughout the phases of care for patients with hip fractures.
  • ER minor procedure equipment: I coordinated the development of an ER hand tray for minor procedures in order to improve quality of care and streamline ER workflow.


  • Burkert, BA., Curtis, D., Koh, JL., Millett, PJ., and Shi, LL. “New Advances in the Treatment of Acromioclavicular and Sternoclavicular Pathology.” Submitted (6/1/2017),
  • Burkert, BA., Curtis, D., Koh, JL., Warner, JJ., Ek, ET., and Shi, LL. “Management of Proximal and Distal Biceps Injuries.” Submitted (6/1/2017)


  • AO Trauma conference: Seattle, WA (Aug 2015)
  • OTA Trauma conference: Washington, DC (Oct 2016)
  • NASS Course: Burr Ridge, IL (Sept 2015), surgical indications and approaches
  • NuVasive Spine Course: San Diego, CA (May 2016): I attended lectures regarding surgical indications and approaches and practiced performing XLIF, posterior cervical approaches and pedicle screw placement on cadavers
  • Johnson & Johnson Depuy/Synthes Pre-spine fellow course: Raynham, MA (Jul 28- 30/2017): I practiced anterior and posterior cervical approaches, costotransversectomy, anterior abdominal approach, pedicle screw placement, TLIF, laminotomy/laminectomy and sacral/pelvic screw fixation on cadavers
  • NASS Course: Burr Ridge, IL (Sept 15-16/2017), surgical indications and approaches
  • Orthopaedic Tumor Course: Chicago, IL (Oct 16-18/2017)
  • Globus Medical Pre-spine fellow course: Boston, MA (Nov 11/2017), surgical indications and approaches

Volunteer Experience:

  • Meals at Home: Evanston, IL I deliver hot and cold meals to senior citizens at their homes 1-2 times per week.
  • Harvest Food Pantry and Clothes Closet: Evanston, IL I help arrange groceries and distribute them to families in the Evanston area 4 hours per week.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Conway, AR; Atlanta, GA, and Evanston, IL I was previously involved throughout all four years of college in which I served as vicepresident and president for the local chapter, took part in weekend builds throughout the surrounding community, and led three Spring Break trips to New Orleans, LA; Florence, AL; and Laredo, TX. I have continued to assist with weekend builds throughout the local area.
  • Community Health Clinic: Evanston, IL I spent 1 day per week for 20 weeks evaluating and treating uninsured patients in the orthopaedic clinical setting.
  • International Projects: My experiences volunteering abroad are what initially spurred my interest in medicine and continue to play an important role in my life. In college, I travelled to South Africa where I participated in an HIV/AIDS educational awareness program and spent time at hospitals in Cape Town and Johannesburg. In Peru, I took part in post-earthquake disaster relief in the Tambo de Mora region along the coast where a tsunami had destroyed a significant portion of the infrastructure. In India, I spent time volunteering at local hospitals in the state of Kerala and gained first hand experience on the private and public health sectors and access to healthcare. In Zanzibar, I spent 4 weeks working alongside local surgeons in the major and minor operating theatres at Mnazi Mmoja hospital. Most recently, I traveled to Vietnam where I worked in a children’s hospital in Ho Chi Minh City for 3 weeks. My responsibilities included assisting health care providers while learning more about local illnesses/diseases and the impact of Agent Orange and other chemical agents throughout rotations in four different wards: respiratory, dengue, emergency, and GI.


  • Piano: I took lessons for 9 years and was involved in numerous competitions at the local and state level
  • Guitar
  • Golf & Racquetball
  • Cooking: I enjoy creating my own Cajun/Creole dishes from scratch
  • Travel: I enjoy traveling domestically and abroad. I enjoy the outdoors and visiting places off the beaten path
  • Canoeing/kayaking, scuba diving, lifting weights, hiking, running and fly fishing
  • SEC Football