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Team MSA is dedicated to serving patients well.

Our goal is to provide honest orthopedic evaluations and treatments, not simply surgical screenings, because our patients are not statistics; they are individuals who want answers from an experienced team.

If you are suffering from a nerve, muscle or bone condition like severe lower back pain, carpal tunnel, or a sports injury, don’t hesitate to contact the orthopedic specialists and pain management doctors at Team MSA.

Our Treatments

Musculoskeletal Associates provides you with an experienced team of orthopedic doctors. We are committed to providing a complete range of orthopedic care from bone, joint, spine and muscle care.

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Patient Philosophy


Attentive Experience

Patients are deserving of the most courteous and attentive experience we can give them.


Patients do not depend on us. We depend on them.


Patients are people who bring us their needs. It is our job to identify and fill those needs.

Watch Patient Stories
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Orthopedic Specialists

A board certified orthopedic surgeon. Over 20 years of experience and he is also fellowship trained in spine surgery.
One of the most experienced and trusted arthroscopic, shoulder, knee and sports medicine physicians in southwest Georgia.
A board certified surgeon and comes to MSA from Georgia Regents University where he worked as chief resident for 5 years.
A board certified orthopedic surgeon who received his bachelor's in biology, with distinction, from Virginia Military Institute.

Leave Your Phone Number, Our Team Will Call You

We take a comprehensive approach to orthopedic care with the patient at the center of our treatment plan.

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